Settings Error

I’m thinking switching to Linux so installed latest Android remote app from Google Play today. I’m surprised to see everything works ok with a single exception: the upsampling settings are not applied / saved. I make the change, press back and when check again nothing îs changed.

Update: Just installed Linux Mint this morning. Everything works good and the sq îs very good, better than with win. BUT the remote bug îs still present. Actually îs not that bad, just a display bug. When I set upsampling parameters they are changed but when I return the sliders are in the same position. But the DAC and Debug Info show the changes. It’s a display bug.

Hi @DGrigorescu,

We made some tests on our side thanks to reports from others customers and will fix this in the next update of the Remote app.

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Thank You Antoine. This îs great! Really love Linux Mint sound!