Setup Question for Trial

Here is my scenario (and it’s not something I am willing to change). I have two different systems… one in my office and one in my main listening room. Each has it’s own mini pc running Windows 10 (stripped down) for streaming. Tidal. Neither system is setup for email, nor do they have browsers installed. I use the Tidal desktop app, so I don’t need them. The office connects to router via WiFi and the main system via Ethernet. I use one system or the other, never both at the same time.

I am interested in Audirvana primarily to increase the quality of the sound. Other than Audirvana’s subscription fee, I am not looking to throw any more money at the systems.

Questions, does Audirvana need browsers in order to work? If that is not an issue, how do I get each mini pc online with Audirvana? Thank you for any assistance with this.

Hi @neal,

I don’t know if you need to have Edge installed to have this working but we need it to log in Audirvāna:

Other than that, you won’t need a web browser for our software :wink: