Should be great if i could display (optional on/off) the genre in new line under album/artist

Can i also ask (as an option) to be the genre display in library>album view? Should be GREAT! It is difficult to remember all styles at hundreds of thousands.

Hi @ [szablyaakos

I’m a bit of a nutter regarding Genres and seeing what I’ve got in my collection at a glance. And this will explain . It is all do-able if you do it every time you add an album. To go back and add to all your albums (individually is the only way) is a trial but I do find it a boon.

I add these in the “Artists” in Album Metadata view so I can see the bitrate etc. All preceded by one space.You can see this in the last screenshot.

Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 12.17.30 pm

I have devised a scheme whereby in the “Artists” Metadata I have created several classifications so when viewing my collection I can see at a glance what the Album Genre is.

Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 12.10.00 pm

Remember that in order for these to appear at the beginning of the “Artist” there must be two spaces in the beginning.
C= Chamber
CFP=Chamber Fortepiano
M=Musical (I have one and it is the greatest musical of all time by Lenny, West Side Story.)
OP=Orchestral with Piano
PFP= Pianoforte

Further to this I add to the Album “Title” Metadata

:musical_keyboard:Piano The Keyboard Emoji means Piano - this emoji is added to the title in Metadata.

The Heart shows a favourite (which normally is not known unless you are in the Favourite View.

The Square is Chamber Music

:studio_microphone:Great Recording The Studio Microphone is “Good Quality Recording” in my view

:microphone:Voice The Hand Microphone is Voice

:trophy:Orchestra (no emoji that I can find so far for this).


Here are they all:
:yellow_heart:Gold Favourite
:classical_building: Opera
⫸ Contemporary
:studio_microphone:Great Recording

Yes, you are already tunes out… but it is a great way (for me) to easily categorise visually my collection.

The “Album” shot of Igor Stravinsky simply shows me that this is the beginning of Igor Stravinsky albums. Also my Alphabetical “Album” shots add to the already loverly Alphabetical list on right of screen.

Can this be added to the list of "hope to be included in future renditions of the gorgeous Audirvana.
Call me crazy but this is a lovely lazy Sunday morning in Sydney and I am at peace.


Hi Phil,

Its great! I am also used the end of the album’s name : aiff, 24/96,dsd, dsf etc, but should be better if Audirvana can handle this.
I used iTunes for 15 years (with amarra, audirvana for make it better) it has many good library management option. Audirvana looks good as long as you don’t have a lot of songs, then it starts to be completely jumbled. That’s why the iTunes list view is better, where much more information appears (you can choose what is important for you, In fact, you can use them as a display preference!) and it can group the albums in better way. It is true that Audirvana also has example a star marking option, but I can’t see this information on the main screen. It would be super if Audirvana took over a few views. :pray:

Have a nice weekend

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Yes to that Akos

I would love those things to be already included in Audirvana.

It would not be difficult I think and it would also be entirely up to each of us to use these identifiers.

Let’s see if others rally around the cause.


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I hope so