Show file path in IOS remote app


I am still on Audirvana 3.5 and was wondering if it was worth my while upgrading to Classic. Compared to other apps Audrvana’s control app on an iPhone or iPad lacks so many features that cripples its functionality. For example, it does not show the file path name. This is important to me as I have multiple copies of albums and I want to know which version is being played. Another example, there are many albums where the metadata on the tracks are all not complete. They are all one album, but Audirvana (not just the remote) will not display all of them under one album. It would be great if Audirvana could display albums based on their folder contents as well. Also auto populating meta data with the ability to also review manually from services like MusicBrainz would be a great feature. Displaying the file type and sample rates on an album basis would be another great feature rather than providing it after the fact, that is, only when the track is playing and even then the user needs to go to album view during play to obtain that info.
Have these problems been sorted out in Classic? Have I missed some feature in Audirvana and the remote that actually allows this but is hidden under some obscure menu that I cannot find it?
Audirvana could certainly learn from services like Roon to enhance their user interface. I am not saying it needs to provide everything that Roon does but there is always some good middle ground which is a balance between usability and over the top!
I really would love to upgrade to Classic but am quite hesitant due to such usability issues. Can someone please correct me or at least give me an indication that such features are in the pipeline? Thanks.

Sorry! I mean Origin when I refer to Classic.