Show Year of Recording

my very first post here…

Maybe i am blind but i can´ t figure out the following:
All my albums (most classical music) in Audirvana (around 6.500) were basically ripped into itunes. I put a lot of time to give them the best meta data that my time allowed.
I love Audirvana and everything works fine for me (Macbook Air 2017 (mojave) > Audirvana -> Dirac -> Stello U3 -> Kondo KSL DAC).
The only challenge is: i can´t find in Audirvana what is in iTunes called “Year”. In this itunes data field i always wrote the recording date and every album in itunes has an entry for the year. Now when playing music in Audirvana (latest version) i can´t find it. Not on the Macbook, not in the Audirvana remote app.
What am i making wrong?

Thank you!
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click the tag icon to bring the tag panel or cmd i

or in song of album view, right click with mouse in the bar for titles and select year like me…

all those columns can be move left or right or exchange position like you want

thanks for your support!
Now it works fine on my MacbookAir, i can see the year of recording there now.
But: on the Audirvana remote on my iPad there remains everything unchanged - no year.
Anything i can do on the remote … can´t find it by myself.


Sadly not on remote… @Damien3 ?

Thanks again, RunHomeSlow.
Maybe Audirvana puts it on the To Do list. i know that a lot of (not only) classical music lovers would appreciate this. cannot be that difficult, right?


Hello @delgesu, for the moment we have made the choice to prioritize other development for the Remote but we do take notes of your suggestion for the Remote.

thanks, Damien3, that would be fine.


When I look at the Metadata I do not see all the info that you show in your screen grab. If I click on the song title I can click on the three dots that brings up more Metadata. When I try to scroll down the Metadata window switches back to the other view with much less information. How do I get the Metadata window to not switch over? Thx

Hello @ChetPope, You need to select the titles you want to edit metadata to change the year of recording.