Shuffle isn't random

I have problems with the shuffle using remote, the same songs always come on.
This is using Tidal via Audirvana.
I use a playlist with over 1000 songs. I clear the cue, hit the shuffle button (when not playing) and then start playing at a random song in the playlist.
Usually the first time, the second song is the second song in the playlist, and after that it plays in regular order.
When I stop, clear the cue again, hit de shuffle button twice (off, then on again) and start yet again at a random song, then sometimes it works properly. But even then I keep hearing the same songs again and again, and some songs never come along.
Is there a trick here, of does there need to be an update?

Using a mac mini as music server and the android remote. All up to date.

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Are you using a playlist made by Tidal or it’s a playlist you made? I can’t reproduce the issue you describe when I use a playlist by Tidal.

THanks for your reply Damien3.
It’s a playlist I made myself.
Also - I don’t know if this is relevant - most of these playlists have been imported from Spotify using a third party website.

Can you share a link to your playlist here? You need to click on the three dots in Tidal app>Share>Copy playlist link

Sure! Enjoy :wink:

Can you go in your preference tab in the remote app and do a screenshot of it?

You mean like this?

so if i understand correctly when you have nothing in the play queue, you press the shuffle button then you start the playlist at “Do you Remember? - Phil Collins” you have “Halve Zinnen - Acda en de Munnik” instead of a random song?

A lot of times I start at a random song, the second song after that will be Duet (by Rob the Nijs) followed by Surf city and so on. The shuffle doesn’t work. I need to stop the whole playback (not only pause).

And another - perhaps seperate - problem is that I get some songs all of the time, while others never make an appearance. It seems like the same 100 songs or so keep being picked. This is frustrating to me.

Hi, I have the same issue myself with all playlists using Qobuz.

Hello @Agoebwa and @vvplem so I took a closer look at what you told me and made more experiment and could reproduce it, we will fix this issue in the next update of Audirvana.


Oh that’s awesome. Thanks for your effort!

I have noticed similar behavior with (Tidal) playlists. I will turn on shuffle, choose an arbitrary song from the list and hit play. It will play in order from that song. However, it seems to shuffle properly if I wait and turn on shuffle after I start the first song.

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