Sick of having to login to Audirvana every time

Why does Audirvana Studio 1.7.1 insist on a login and password every time I open it? I haven’t been able to get Keychain to sync with it, so I have to type them out manually every time. Is there a fix? Or even better, can we get rid of the login requirement altogether?

I don’t have that problem, but I don’t know what’s causing your issue.

Go in the preferences of the application, account tab, disconnect from there, then relog in after, it should stick

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Thanks — I’ll give that a try…

I confirm that usually this works. I experienced that situation after having tried to disconnect my account.
Since now, no more that issue after I log in, disconnect and log in again.

Same here on Windows 10. I complained about this to Antoine about a week ago, and then the problem went away for a while. But now it is back: two logins yesterday and one today.
I still stick with Studio for the outstandiing sound quality, but my patience is running out really fast. No other streaming music software does this. I paid the rent till June netxt year and in return I expect a smooth user experience when I want some music. I am not getting that from Audirvana any more.

I NEVER have this problem. Log out and back in from within the Audirvana Studio My Account menu.

I tried this countless times. Didn’t work once. Went back to Audirvana 3.5.51. Immense relief!