Slightly older versions of OS X or Mac os

Yeah, I have some older macs and Mac laptops around and I was wondering what is a descent version but not too old of os x or mac os to run straight wire(ish) with Audirvana if u know what I mean. Just to goof around. I’m highly highly satisfied with latest Mac/Audir stuff but you know how it is when u want to just tinker around with just basic issues at the core of things. :slight_smile:

Last Audirvana is still playing with 10.11.6 masOS oldest version, and last version with Direct Mode without implementing it yourself.

If you want go older you will need need a 3.2.x version of Audirvana

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See if you can still download OS X El Capitan 10.116.
It was the last version capable of integer mode, and some still believe, provided better audio quality. It will also support the latest 3.5.29 Audirvana.

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Hello! I’m using an « old » Mac mini mid 2010
First I was on snow léopard with 4 giga ram. So Audirvana can’t … je continue en français, à cause de cette s…rie de correcteur auto…
Donc j.avais eu des gros soucis de stabilité, de plantage divers plantage du Mac dont l.affichage se mettait en croix…
Après retour auprès de Damien, je suis passé sur El Capitan, qui je crois est le système Max autorisé par mon mac et suis passé à 8g de ram par précaution…
Aucun soucis dans cette configuration. Juste peut être un peu limite depuis que choisi de tout surrechantillonner en dsd 256 pour attaquer mon dac: la puissance de calcul du Mac mini semble demander un temps supérieur à ce que le buffer exige. Pas grave si on prend le temps d.attendre un peu que le morceau soit suffisamment en empire pour lancer la lecture…
En tout cas, j.espere que les prochaines évolutions d.Audirvana me permettront toujours de garder mon Mac mini …

Thank You for your response.

Merci beaucoup pour la response, mais je regret, I’m not fluent enough in French to understand every word. I get the drift of what you are saying though and i appreciate it. My parents’ lineages were French, but i was born and raised here in the States. At family reunions, speaking French ruled. I have a brother named Jean Francois Millet; that was the name of the painter that did “The Gleaners” in the Louvre, from which my brother was named. You may not be understanding this well, so i don’t want to be too long winded.
Since i’ve asked the question about past Macs, I’ve decided that i am happy with current models that i have along with Audirvana. i have a collection of old Mac minis that i got from Ebay, but haven’t explored them for a variety of reasons, like connectors, etc. I’ve finally found that doing this can be a neurosis (what many audio “purists” suffer from- myself included). Again, I appreciate it so much that you would care enough to write back.

Here I am on my Imac, it’s clearly more comfortable to type…
So now my mid 2010 mac is running with El Capitan, and it’s fine, having increased Ram memory from 4 to 8 giga. Perhaps just a little difficulty with DSD256 upscaling, but it’s really very efficient. I have to wait a few seconds before playing a file. Under 8 giga, it would have been critical. And I’m not sure the problem could be my network installation, all my music is on a Time capsule.
And DSD upscaling is for me a real bonus for native 16/44 files. El capitan is I think the last OS for my mac. My mac mini is quite optimized with a good AC main power cable, Ifi audio iusb power with Gemini and Mercury USB cables, and special Ifi audio usb treatment.

Cd quality is still a little bit superior, in front of ripped 16/44 files, but alll my CDs are being read with a Marigo Aida and demagnetization process… So they are the nearest to “pure” files…
I hope these information will allow you to use your old mac mini to run Audirvana.

Wow, BlueMonk, I’ll have to read your reply 2 or 3 more times. I guess it’s back to the lab for me. ha
Thank You Mr. BlueMonk. I wish I could just buy a tuned system like yours’.

wwaldmanfan, are older versions of Audirvana available?

The universal link to the old versions no longer functions. However, Damien has provided a specific link to download v2.6.10:
If you want a different version, contact Damien through this forum with your request, and perhaps he will accomidate you.

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thanks buddy, I’ve copied and pasted it.