Smart Playlist in Album filter menu

In the album view, the filter menu allows you to make different choices, such as genre, conductor, year. What is unfortunately missing is the playlist option. This option would make it possible to make a selection within a chosen composer or genre, for example, based on your own playlist, e.g. live music or added date. In short, all the possibilities of the smart playlist could be a selection criterion in the album view.
I realize that the filter in the album view is based on the tags in the audio file. Adding the playlist selection will therefore be an additional technical challenge, but I am convinced that the skilled people at Audirvana can handle this. After all, they have also integrated the great smart playlist option into the application. In addition to the unparalleled sound quality, this puts Roon far in the shade of Audirvana, as far as I am concerned, due to the flexibility of the library organization.