Smart Playlists don’t work correctly with Spanish letters

Audirvana’s Search handles special Spanish letters correctly (since 3.5).
E. g.: ultimo finds último and ultimo
E. g.: último finds último and ultimo

But Audirvana’s Smart Playlists (3.5.24) still can’t handle Spanish words with special letters and accents correctly.
E. g.: ultimo only lists ultimo
E. g.: último only lists último

Other examples could be done with adiós, Señor, Porteño, Corazón and so on.
N. B: iTunes handles Spanish words all correctly.

Thank you for this feedback.
The search works correctly with Spanish letters and other accented words, but the smart playlists criteria are not yet.
This is an improvement that is approved and will find its way in a future release. Though not in the very short term as doing it right is quite some work.