Smart Playlists

I am having a couple of issues creating smart playlist:

  1. I want to create a playlist that allows for multiple genres that have a rating of greater than or equal to 3 stars. This requires multiple ORs followed by a AND condition. I can only see the ability to do all ORs or all ANDs but not the ability to mix.

  2. When parsing the COMMENT field I see the condition test for CONTAINS but is there a way to test for DOES NOT CONTAIN.

I am very new to ths app so if I and missing something please elaborate. Otherwise can I request this be added to the program at a future date?

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Hold option in the smart playlist editor window to change the add button to allow creating boolean sub-conditions. The ‘None’ option of Any/All/None probably can encode ‘does not contain’.

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Thnan you k1arg, your help work to perfection. That was the the last hurdle before b.uying Audirvana. Again thank you … much appreciation.

Hi. I’m using Audirvana 3.5.20 on macOS 10.14.6. The trick with the option key is not working :frowning: I want to make a smart playlist that shows Genres marked as “Blues” and “Rock”, but I’m not able to do it. To hit the option key shows no difference by adding a criteria then not hitting the option key.

A wish wile making new smart playlist’s. Would be great to have the chance to add a name for the new list in the editor window. To make a playlist always named “New playlist” and rename it after is not realy straight forward.


Yes, this feature has not made it into 3.5 yet. I’m staying with 3.2 in the meantime.

I accidentally found this old thread as I was trying to do as the OP and use AND and OR in the creation of a smart playlist. I was quite pleased as it seemed to offer the solution. I don’t know about this feature making it to 3.5, this is August 2020 and I’m on the latest version of Audirvana (whatever that is) and it still isn’t there. This makes Smart Playlists rather blunt I feel. AND and OR operators are standard features when creating queries (which is what smart playlists essentially are).