So Far So Good........Yep

I’m liking the new UI (obviously not perfect but better than 3.5) and the SQ so far. It feels less forward than 3.5 and the vocals are pushed back a bit to let the rest of the spectrum balance out I suppose. I also like the ability to scan every track of an album to see if it has HD mastering origins or not (DSD cannot be scanned).

Only weird thing is the Lock and Unlock button which is basically the “Stop Playback” button now, confusing the first time looking for the stop button lol, hopefully that changes in the future.

What I would also like to see are customization features for the UI.

Yeah, the lack of a STOP button had me struggling a little bit last night. Figured it out but, please, add a STOP button please. Good grief.

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There is a stop button which looks like a padlock. You already figured out to click on a padlock icon instead of a square icon.
It maybe does not look like you expected but it is already there.

That’s not a stop button. It’s exclusive access toggle. When you click it, it does stop the playback, but it’s a secondary effect. I’d also like to see the real stop button.

In Audirvana 3.5 the stop button also releases exclusive access. Exactly the same as the padlock does now in Origin/Studio. No functional difference (except for look of the icon and the placement of course :wink:).

Also in Foobar2000 the STOP button releases exclusive access and stops the music. I believe in Roon the STOP button works the same way too.

What you want seems exactly the same as a pause button, which is already there also. Or am I missing something?

Foobar2000 does not have a stop button at all, at least at its version for Mac. (I don’t have my PC on hand to check if it’s the case also for the Windows version.) Roon does not have such a button as well.
Both have a Play/Pause button that toggles. When in pause, they release exclusive mode.

I use Foobar in Windows. In Windows it has a stop button:


But we are getting besides the point :smile:
My question is: What would an extra stop button in Audirvana do what is not already there?

But I must admit there are far more important problems in the world than this first world issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t care that the stop button in Audirvana is displayed as a Padlock.
I would like that this button, as well as some others in the UI, would be increased in size.
They are a bit small.


I’d like to see the square button. There is a “stop” action you can call from the menu or using the shortcut. It’s called “stop”, not release exclusive access.

The pause does not release exclusive access.

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I was scratching my head trying to find stop button… so if that padlock is stop button why is it so far from rest of control ? will be nice to have normal stop, it can’t be hard or difficult to do right ?

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But it’s so Techniques d’Avant Garde

Side note, BluOs on my new NAD amp also has no stop button, guess that the square stop button is going the way of the flashing 12:00 on grandma’s VCR………

Yes, The Audirvāna team had to make a decision put a stop button on the control panel or solve global warming. Time will tell :wink:


If it’s so problematic for the UI real estate to place the stop button, why not put a square outline around the padlock. Make it look like stop button with the padlock inside indicating that you have exclusive access or not.