So I CANNOT play content on my iPad with A+ Remote?

Just found that out when trying to play my content through iPad before going to bed. Why the heck does one need the remote, then, if not to stream A+ to your other devices at home?

Maybe I’ve misunderstood you, but…

The remote app (on phones or tablets) is not a player. It does not stream anything. It is only a remote control for Audirvana itself - the player only runs on computers.

This is explained on Audirvana’s site, under the Audirvana Remote (More Freedom) section on this page:


Nope, you have not misunderstood at all; I am just disappointed that this is the case, as I was sure that the remote served as a way to play A+ content on my iDevices.

But it seems like I would need something like Roon for this, right?

Yes, Roon app can do that. Or you can use some app that reads your library and plays it directly on the iPad, without going through Audirvana. There are multiple apps that do that.