So, no DSD 256 upsampling in Audirvana 3+?

I have the latest issue of A+ in my Macbook Pro 2013. My dac is TP Audio Buffalo 3 SE dac and the USB board is a JL Sounds i2Sover USB. Both are capable of DSD and should be for 256, or so I believe.

So, I was trying to do upsampling to 256 and that is greyed out in A+ Do I need to change something else before doing this. I am able to upsample to 256
with another media players btw. I cannot even upsample DSD 64 to 256. Thanks!

Cut Windows/Linux rates in half when determining what the resolution capability is of your DAC on MacOS. My DAC, capable of DSD512 on Linux and Windows, is capable of DSD256 on MacOS. So when you mention the resolution of which your DAC and USB board are capable, might this be with Windows and Linux, meaning you could achieve DSD128 on MacOS?

Yes I can do DSD 128 on my mac in A+

you have to set A+ to: DSD over PCM 1.1 in audio preferences i think if you are at 1.0

The setting is in 1.1, thanks

Thanks, I’ll know to give better advice to the next person. (Apologies, Manolo!)

Edit: Oh, I see. I thought you meant you could see the DSD256 setting in 1.1, but you meant you already had it set to 1.1.

In that case, yes, unless your DAC will do DSD512 with Windows or Linux, then it won’t do DSD256 with Mac. Again, it is because Windows and Linux drivers allow “native DSD” at full rate, while MacOS allows only DoP at half the native rate.

'been reading on this. Audirvana was developed for Mac, so dsd /256 and beyond should be a Mac capability, so why is the 256 option grayed out in the forced upsampling window, is this because the program detects that my dac is not capable of dsd 256?
I ask this or bring it to light because I’ve read that Macs are not able to do dsd 256 and beyond, which does not make sense if like i said audirvana was developed for macs…

Macs are able to do any resolution of which the device is capable with DoP (DSD over PCM). This is half the “native DSD” rate of the equipment. So if the equipment can do DSD512 on Windows using Native DSD, it can do DSD256 on Mac using DoP.

First if we are not talking upsampling… Does your dac with A+ can play your DSD256 files ?

Mine stop at DSD128 so i can upsample to DSD128 any files, not beyond.
I have DSD256 album that i cannot play, but A+ makes it PCM 352 and play them.

Not sure about this statement, but some DAC may need a driver to get there, have you check your DAC website?

Hi RunHomeSlow - whether upsampled or the file’s original resolution, the capability of the DAC would be the same.

here not clear if usb plays 256… but others connection might… in Manolo47 camp now :slight_smile:

I did manage to get upsampling to 352 kz though, which I was unable to do also. Changed switch 5 to off in the TPA Buffalo dac SW 1 module, but unable to get access to DSD 256 in the sox settings.

in the link i provided above you can read this in the highlights…
Direct DSD, DoP, I2S and S/PDIF inputs supporting up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD512
it doesn’t mention USB… you should just talk to them to get a clear answer :slight_smile: