Some issues with Remote

Dear all,
Here are some of the issues I discovered when using Remote.

  • When an album is displayed with all the available tracks, clicking on the “…” option at the top right corner above the list makes the application crashing.
  • When something wrong appears (e.g. no connection with the drive that contains the audio files) no error message is visible on remote, you have to go back to the main Studio I/F
  • Changing the audio devices is not easy: you have to select the currently playing track (even if there is nothing available to play) and in the new window, top right corner, you will find a button to change the audio device. Would be more user friendly if such option was available somewhere from the main window.


I have the same issue when using my iPad.
If I click on the “…” option, the remote app crashes, however if I do the same thing on my iPhone it works fine.
I have deleted the remote from my iPad and reinstalled and still doesn’t work.
This makes the remote app useless as I cannot ad an album to my queue.
I have upgraded to V1.6.

My experience as well, exactly as you described! (In case it helps using an iPad Pro 2018).
No doubt a bug which will hopefully be fixed in the foreseeable future :blush:

Same thing here on my iPad Pro 12.9.

Hello @Badge and @Doug, if you are using your iPad in landscape mode, please keep in mind that we are still working on it. If you are using it in portrait mode, you should not have this issue.

For what it worth, I do have that issue in Portrait mode…

Same here-portrait mode doesn’t work.

Which version of the iPad+screen size and iPad OS version are you using?

On my side, it’s an ipad Pro 20188 11" with Ipad OS 14.6.

Thanks for the feedback Damien, but as well for me using a 11“ iPad Pro 2018 with iOS 14.7.1 the Remote still crashes in both portrait & landscape mode.
With my iPhone XR, also with iOS 14.7.1 l have no problems at all.

Upgraded to Ipad OS 14.7.1: same issue.

An when I select the Podcasts, I got the error message on console: Radio Link: getFilterItems json error.
Always that json error!!

iPad Air 2 with 9.7" screen and IOS 14.6 and only in portrait mode. I just updated to IOS 14.7.1 and it still crashes.
I also tested this on another iPad I have, same model, and it also crashes while this function works fine on my iPhone XS (V 14.7.1)

I’m using an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation).

The Remote app still crashes when tapping the “…” button on an album. This happens on my iPad Pro 12.9” (5th gen) in both portrait and landscape orientation. iPadOS version is 15.0.2, app version is 3.0.

This behaviour is consistent, tapping that button crashes the app with 100% reliability.

The same button works fine on the iPhone, BTW.

I can’t get the pause button to work on my iPad when AS is running on my Macbook. It works fine on my Android remote if AS is running on Windows PC. I uninstalled the iOS remote and reinstalled to make sure it’s the most up to date version, and my iPad is also on the most up to date version. Anybody else experiencing the same, or any ideas how to fix.


If it helps, I’ve just realised that it’s only a problem if playing through my hifi. The streamer I’m using is a Cambridge Audio 851N(although I suspect I could use any streamer and still have the issue) and cannot pause with that, but can pause if just playing through macbook speakers.

Edit - although I cannot pause when using with the hifi I can skip songs so it’s not totally unresponsive.

I’ve updated Audirvana Remote to version 3.1.0 (iPad) today, but I’m sad to report that it still crashes instantly and reliably upon tapping the “…” in an album view.

And I can confirm this.
But, the painful behaviour that always put you at the beginning of the list after having opened an album has been corrected.
So now, you can browse through the list and enjoy your library.

I usually control Studio via my iPhone. However I can also confirm that the ‘…’ problem still appears to be present when using an iPad.
I’m a little unsure/concerned as to how the ‘updated’ remote app still appears to be suffering from this rather basic problem, especially as it was first reported (on this thread) over 3 months ago? :thinking:

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