SONORE network bridge + DDC (from USB to IIS) problems

I’ve been succesfully streaming from AS to a SONERE network bridge ultraRendu, which is a DLNA/UPnP device. But now, I’m trying to put a Digital to Digital converter between my network bridge and my DAC. The idea is to convert the digital USB signal to a IIS signal to take advantage of the later.

But it’s not working. At first I thought this was about compatibility issues because of the pin layout of the IIS interface. But now, I realize that my new DDC is not accepting all the incoming audio formats. To be more precise, I copy/paste, “USB input (in the DDC) support PCM, DSD via DoP, and native DSD via Linux”

Now, I’m streaming DSD files from Audirvana to the network+DDC combo. Those files are converted to DSD and upsampled to 256 in Audirvana by using r8brain algorithm. So, the question is: those upsampled files I convert in Audirvana to DSD256 are streamed via DoP??? Or could they be considered “native DSD” like???

Apologies for such an specific post, and grateful to whoever may suggest anything. Thanks!

DoP is pure DSD, just packaged in PCM “words” for transport. What’s the purpose of DDC if you’re already upsampling to DSD256 in Audirvana?

Apparently, he wants to use I2S connection to the DAC…

@ivalero …DSD over PCM (DoP) is a transport scheme that embeds the DSDxxx signal into the PCM carrier signal where it is extracted from the PCM carrier, bit-perfectly in the DAC…The issue would be whether or not your network configuration can reliably stream raw DSDxxx (.dsf) files to your DAC…

@ivalero then why not get a network bridge with I2S interface?

Thank you both! Yes, I want to use the I2S input in my DAC to be able to carry in separate pins audio signals and clock signals. And yes, I should had bought a new network bridge instead to add to the chain a new device, which is a DDC. But this is done, so I’ll try to get from them the most I can.

Finally I realized that this is a constraint not from Audirvana, but from my new Digital to Digital Converter. It does not accep DSD files packed into PCM. But it does the work with PCM. So, now I have kind of a decision to make: keep streaming beautifuly upsampled r8brain DSD256 files to the network bridge and remove the new DDC, or stream PCM files not oversampled to the network brige+DDC combo. Since my DAC is a Delta-Sigma one, it handles better DSD than PCM, which is noticiable when both are upsampled. I have tested both choices and there are pretty close. So yes, bitracer was right again: my previous setup streaming DSD256, at the end delivers the same quality than a PCM stream through the I2S which can not upsampled.

So, thanks a lot to both, this is my choice (or my fail) and Audirvana keeps delivering good audio choices.

All the best!

@ivalero … No reason to modulate your files to DSDxxx at this stage… up-sample your 16/44.14kHz PCM to 352.8k or 705.6kHz if your DDC supports those sample-rates… You can force native DSDxxx to PCM in the settings…

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