Sort by Album Artist?

I just got an M1 Mac mini and downloaded Audirvana Studio. Is there a way to sort by Album Artist? My Artists appear to be sorted by Composer and there are a million duplicates and it’s driving me nuts.

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We are having this exact same issue too! For the many albums where there are numerous song writers (e.g., Adele, Beatles, Broadway shows, etc.), Apple’s Music app and other third-party software all correctly read “Album Artist” and arrange, display and sort albums based on that. But Audirvana Studio is not doing so and, instead, it incorerctly “splits” and shows multiple albums for the same albums (e.g., Adele 21 shows several times, depending upon who wrote which songs). This creates a horrible mess and makes using Audirvana very confusing and almost impossible to use. I have searched all over the Audirvana settings and community forum for how to tell Aurdirvana to “sort by Album artist”, but I cannot find that setting anywhere. I also have written several times to Audirvana Tech Support, but nobody every replied with an answer. So, how does one fix Audirvana, which otherwise is a wonderful app, and get it to correctly sort and display albums (which is, of course, a very basic and critical function for any music app)? Thanks to whoever lets me know how to do this!

Hey Evan, Agree with your assessment. This is driving me crazy, have you had any feedback on how to fix this?

Cheers Mark

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I had the same problem and found a solution which is called roon lol


We never received any answer at all from Audirvana Tech Support, even though we politely asked a few times, over several weeks. Accordingly, we had no choice but to abandon Audirvana Studio and to move to another leading and award-winning audio software system (the same one to which Another_Audiophile switched), which had/has (A) vastly fewer incorrect imported split albums, (B) a very easy and handy album track consolidation fix-it tool for the very few times that album “splitting” had occurred, and (C) many additional fantastic and wonderful features. :smiley: @organm

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What is this player? It has a name?

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@Doudou The answer to your question is in the above posts. @organm

You refer to R***?

Yup. @Doudou @Another_Audiophile @organm

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Hello @EvanKatz ,

Even if you use the filter option you see Composers in Artists?

Thank you, @Antoine. Much appreciated.

Can you please let me know how/where to get this filter. I then will see what is checked, see if that fixes the issues, and let you know.

Also, can you please extend our Audirvana Studio trial for, say, 30 days, so that we can check and test everything. Thank you. Much appreciated.


The trial have been extended to 28th of July has it has been announced in the mail we sent for the release of the Remote.