Sort by genre under windows

i am a new audirvana user and am very excited about the sound quality.
Previously I used JRiver as a player.
In Jriver you have the category “genres” in the library under which all subcategories hang with all the different genres from your library.
I have not yet been able to discover this in audirvana.
I have seen examples on this forum to realize this via “smart playlist”, but these concerned Mac computers and the application looks slightly different in Windows.
Is there perhaps an audirvana/windows user who can help me with this?
I would appreciate it very much.
best regards,

Hi @Tonbas

Genre can chosen from the filter tab… Look like a funnel…

A choice to have some saved searches like Genre or Soloist would be handy on left panel.

Does that help you.


hello Phil,

thanks for your answer.

This is indeed a method of filtering by genre or something else.

As you say, it would be useful to be able to save the results so that you have a permanent overview per genre.

best regards,

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Yes to rhat saving the search. I frequently have a yearning for a Violin Concerto or mezzo-soprano… etc… To be able to have a few tabs on the left for saved genre would be valuable.


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^^ Yep.