Sort does not work at all with Itunes sync

checked through several entries, but did not find a solution to my issue.
Newbe user to Audirvana, and want to sort my playlist (for example album title a-z or z-a). But it does not work in any column, nor in any of my playlists. What am I doing wrong, as this is a no go to buy the license, if I cannot use sort functions similar to itunes.

Is there a manual for Audirvana available? Thanks for any link etc.

Regards, Zoot

This is a screen shot. I assumed clicking a column and changing the righthandside arrow would change sort lists?!

Hello @Zoot, since you are using iTunes sync you can’t sort your column. To be able to sort it you need to use the 1st sync method.

Brilliant. This worked. Thank you very much for the hint.