Sort local library tracks / Directory view - errors and question

Starts from the Directory view (more deeper, not from the root)

Next push Sort arrows

First attemt is ok

Now i don’t understand few things:

  • why we need so much sorting parameters?
  • how to delete one? - I think I need 2 maybe 3 - I don’t see any possibilities to delete
  • what is for (after push … button)? Probably do nothing?

Here are errors too - for the first time is impossible to select parameter, its possible only for the second click

Ok, back to Sort Library… and back to Directory View

Directory View will start from the Root directory, not like in the first screen
(connected to Directory view error). Directory View should be position to actually selected directory.

Now, if we try to push sort arrows again, Sort View will be empty with Request Error

We need to sort your library in a way and this is by default a precise way to sort it out.

If you change a sort criteria, you can tap on it and hit tap on revert so it reverts the change you have done.

You need to swipe the criteria to remove it in the Edit mode

I have been able to reproduce the issue, will report it to our developer.

So maybe “Undo” is the better name?

Ok, but it’s not intuitive for me :wink:

You don’t finish my first message :wink:

I also have been able to reproduce it :wink: