Sort order on albums/artists and recently added

I know in the settings of Audirvana there are some options for sorting.
Would it be a suggestion to add a sort option on top of each list? (I am talking about the PC version, don’t know the Mac version).

  • Albums: Sort by title, Sort by artist, Sort by release date. Sort by date added etc. (Ascending and descending). This option could be next to the ‘Filters’ button.
  • Artists: Sort by Artist, Sort by date added etc. (Ascending/Descending).
  • Recently added. I really miss a ‘date added ascending/descending’ option here. At the moment the ‘recently added’ list is not very usefull to me.

I really like Audirvana as a program, but this would be very usefull additions in my opinion. I don’t know if I am supposed to do so, but I gave myself a vote :wink: