Sort order using year

When sorting albums by year Audirvana takes the release date of the version (such as a later “deluxe” version with extra tracks) or some other date rather than the original release date of the album. This results in albums appearing out of chronological order in any album list.

Context : MusicBrainz control (in Parameters/Local) is set to ON , allowing AS to use Musicbrainz metadata . AS 1.9 . MacOS

In this context , I experienced the following :

  • the album date displayed in the top album frame of an album display is the one computed by AS using MusicBrainz. This date is the “real” release date of the displayed album (could be different from the "first "album release date).
  • the date displayed by AS behind each tracks of the album is the one I set in my metadata . This is the date that is used to sort the albums by AS (and not the one computed by AS with MusicBrainz) . If these dates are left blank then the album is positionned before all albums with a date , so it is a good idea to have all the album dates set.

This algo is OK for me : I use the date I set in my metadata to set the “first” release date of an album (which could be different from the “release date”) , so the sort of my albums reflects better the date when the album has been recorded.

I have the release date metadata set for all my local tracks (MacOS) and I did some brief testing with mixed results using “The Beatles” (11 albums) and “Chicago” (9 albums).

  1. In the Local - Albums view both showed in the expected old-new order. I have the sort set for this view as

  1. In the Local-Artist-“Albums see all” view Chicago displayed New-Old correctly but Beatles showed a block of 3 albums out of sequence… I’m baffled as to why this is. There does not seem to be any sort option.

(I would much prefer the “Local Artist” view to go straight to an album view without the Top Tracks and other sections.)

  1. In the search for Artist - “See all Albums” there is no discernible sort for either test artists, nor is there any sort option.

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