Sorting according file storage tree on disk

This is great software, but it would be extremely helpful if the sorting could be done according the directory/folder tree on disk.
Every user has his/her preferred way to sort the music into different directories/folders and it would be nice if it could be reproduced by the software in this way.

Actually after reading through the topic “Management Libraries” I am even more convinct that the possibility to organize the library accoring to the own folder/directory structure would solve many problems for many users.

I totally agree, that’s a key function for me.

I would say a folder view display would be a key feature.

I want this feature.

I want this too: a folder tree in the sidebar, displaying how your files are actually stored on disc

Totally agree.
This is THE lack of Audirvana.

+1 Vote. Got a new DAC and was curious about Audirvana having used JRiver MC for the past couple of years. Audirvana gets the obvious edge in many (important) aspects, mainly ease of setup and, most importantly, sound quality. Lack of a file view is very much missed, though. From years of using the file view to navigate a digital library I never gave a second thought to tagging after trying to keep up with it for display/sorting in JRMC. I’m going to keep Audirvana on my main setup for sure. Improper tagging is definitely my issue and a bad habit but, if there were a sidebar file view in Audirvana, I’d uninstall JRMC from every one of my devices in a heartbeat. PLEASE add this feature.