Sorting of search result of tracks is strange

I own several albums with variations in its title. Typing “variation” in the search field A shows tracks, albums, artists andwith variation in their titles.
Clicking on one track, shows all tracks with “variation” in their name. This should be the function of the button “Show all”. Unfortunately the tracks are sorted in a manner I couldn´t understand. The list can´t be sorted by clickung on the name of a column. A nice feature would be, if a little picture of the album art would be shown to make it easier to navigate through different albums.
In my settings I defined the sorting manner by 1. Name of album, 2. Disc Nr. 3. Track Nr. I would expect, that this should by applied to the shown list.
I would expect, clicking one track shows the album, where this track belongs to and selects the track, that I clicked.
Did I miss something?