Sorting options in Library/Artist album list view

Is there any way to sort library albums within the artist view? There seems to be no sorting options available once I choose an artist from the main library view. The only options I see are for the ENTIRE album list or the ENTIRE artist list.

i don’t know why, but only in the ‘Folders View’, you can :slight_smile:

Well, that doesn’t “stick” for any other view of local music that’s not “Folders.” [sigh] I would like to be able to sort within Artist listing/view by Album Title, Date, Release Date, etc. The only thing that seems to be used in that view sorting is something like added or date, but I’m uncertain as to what metadata is being used (if any at all).

you can try this view also… don’t forget to click Save for all if you found your view…

A simple title sort anywhere sorting is permitted does not affect the listings in Library/Artist, but Library/Album does show an artist’s work in proper alphabetical order. In Library/Artist some titles from an artist are listed alphabetically, but not all: the newest show up in the first row, regardless of alphabetical listing. For example I have several versions of the Grateful Dead’s “Europe '72,” but the newest 50th Anniversary version shows up in the first row, along with the other new remastered versions of several albums (all of which have earlier versions that show up later in the listing, alphabetically, although most of the titles are almost identical but for the remastered notations and source). So in this view there’s something else going on, but there’s no option to fix it. I do NOT recall this problem with Audirvana before I upgraded to Origin.

First… I’m with you, i know the design or preferences s*ck at many places and are not constant :slight_smile:

i found workaround for myself to make it works most of the time… here is a good example of what you want i think… My Artist: Yes as many albums in 1972… yes like you Audirvana put them by date or and alphabetical order… but i want mine in right order… even in artist album view it is last to first (can’t change yet), but in folder view, you can list artist album by first to last ?!?

So… with Yes or all my Zappa’s… many albums done the same year i found a workaround is to change the release date that is by default 1972-01-01 (in english)… to have them in order i change the second of 1972 to 1972-01-02, the third 1972-01-03 so as you can see with my Yes Progeny albums, they are in right order :slight_smile:

that field ‘release date’ also s*ck big time… the year 1970 and all under it, have to be put 2 times to stick… if you change the cover it disappear, you have to put it another time… but for no reason, over 1970 to 2022, it stick always ?!?

in my picts, you see my filter to see albums listed, then Yes Artist Albums view, then the field to change to make them in your preferred order, the the folder view that is First to last listing opposite to Artist Albums view that is Last to first, Arf!


Thanks. I will give this a try when I have the time! But this workaround is so inelegant and I don’t understand why the metadata can’t be used properly in that view, at least for alphabetical naming.