Sorting Playlists

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.29 (3559) (latest) on macOS 10.15.2 (latest)
  2. Select a Playlist.
  3. Select the Tracks view.
  4. Click on any of the column headers, such as “TITLE”.

Expect it to sort in the direction of the carrot next to the column title.
Actual: Nothing happens at all.

Can you check in Audrivana Settings>Sort Criteria if you have enable this settings?

No “Sort also Manual Playlists” was NOT enabled. But after enabling it, still the columns are not sortable. So this is not a resolution.

Please re-review my original submission. It would appears that it’s a bug. And if it’s not a bug, then it’s a UX issue. The control shouldn’t be displayed if it’s inoperable.

Do your playlist is a Smart playlist?

No it is not. Have you tested this?

I tested it on my side and it’s working. Can you update Audirvna to 3.5.30?

I’m already running that version.

I was testing this a bit yesterday.
When you go to a single album and click on the column titles the up and down arrows change direction but nothing happens.
There are also some display issues with the arrows.

The if you go to a track listing via some other means sorting works.

Hello @peterluttrell, can you send us a mail at Could you please sens us your playlist in it? We would also like to have your database, we will send you a link for that in response of your mail.

The album view of Albums is by default sorted on the position of the track in the Album and it can’t be changed.