Sound improvement on newer Mac

I use Audirvāna Studio 2.x running on a 2018 Mac. It is January 2023.

I generally use FLAC files and no filters or add-ons in Audirvāna.

The sound is already pretty good to me and the best I heard so far on my system.

My 2013 Mac (connected to the same sound system) did not produce sound that was as good. Both Macs have the recommended 8GB RAM. Both Macs used the exclusive access setting in Audirvāna.

I’m trying to determine whether upgrading my Mac would improve the sound.

Has anyone experienced a sound quality improvement on a newer Mac with Apple silicon processor like M1 or M2?

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There is a similar thread where you might find an answer:


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I’ve run a macmini i7 and MacBook Pro m1 with 3.5 and Studio, same streamers, DAC, headphone etc. I didn’t hear any difference between them. M1 blazing fast but otherwise both do the same job quite well. If you’re looking to improve your sound system quality you might be better off putting your resources elsewhere honestly.