Spotify support as a music streaming service

I would like Spotify to be among one of the options to stream music on Audirvana
I understand the Audiophile community generally dislike Spotify due to the lossy format, but there’s no denying that Spotify library is far superior in quantities compared others.
I’m bilingual I listen to both Thai and English Music, Spotify simply has more Thai Music and Indie western artist that don’t upload to Tidal. I do have local FLAC and DSD but nothing beats the convenience of streaming[uses both Spotify and Tidal].
One of the wanting factor is Upscaling PCM to DSD feature on Audirvana, I prefer the sound of DSD and really want to upscale Spotify 320kbps to DSD256.

Thank you I hope you take this feature into consideration

By choice Spotify doesn’t allow integration of their service in other applications. The only way is to use Spotify connect, but that too is only for hardware integrations.

Makes sense for them to do so, I mean they millions of user using there app which they can farm information abt there listening pattern.
I guess Audirvana is not big enough because Samsung was able to use there own Music app with Spotify Streaming.
Thanks for the reply!:grinning:

Spotify’s Connect and its recommendations (Discover Weekly and release Radar for me) are absolutely brilliant. Seriously, they are amazing.
However, Spotify’s audio quality leaves a huge amount to be desired.
320kbps audio streaming will never be a patch on Qobuz or Tidal’s offerings.
Even if Spotify were to allow Audirvana to stream its files you would still only be listening to 320kbps OGG-Vorbis material.
Audirvana is an audiophile product. Spotify is not.

I stopped subscribing to Spotify a while ago in favour of Qobuz.
Personally (and I realise that your situation is different) I have only found four or five albums on Spotify that I would like to listen to that are not available on Qobuz.

I still use Spotify’s free (ad-supported) service, but only on a little Bluetooth loudspeaker in the kitchen.
I C&P anything interesting to Qobuz.
I then listen to everything ‘properly’ on my Hi-Fi using Audirvana and Qobuz.

Again, I realise that your situation is different from mine, but since Spotify files will always sound like Spotify files, even through Audirvana, I don’t understand why you don’t just use each product/service for what each is good at.

Happy New Year!

I get that your story is similar to mine, I do use both tidal and Spotify as I want steam my Thai songs.
Then again upscaling from PCM (MP3& flac) to DSD256 had an noticeable improvement in sounds quality, including streaming from tidal. I generally prefer the sound of DSD compared to other away of encoding audio information.

Ich warte auf die Unterstützung von Spotify, erst dann werde ich Audirvana erwerben. Schade, hab gedacht es wäre DIE Lösung.

Sorry dude, I don’t think you understand, I listen to Japanese, Thai songs and even some English songs That are not on tidal and Qobuz and Upscaling from PCM to DSD sounds better , I’m not arguing that Spotify sounds as good it’s not but I just want a better sound for the music that don’t offer a higher quality format.