Star ratings and how they are handled in Filters

I’m trying really hard to try our Audirana and become a new customer. How are star ratings added to tracks and handled in Filters in playlists?

Can you explain a little bit more your question? If you add a file to your playlist it will be displayed if it match the filter you put in it, is this what you wanted to know?

I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear.

While crafting this email, I answered some of my previous questions. I discovered that when in Library, selecting a track, produces the far right panel containing the fields (tags) for the various filter choices. So that solves a lot for me.

I also found that when adding criteria with a text box field, you have to click right on the number in the text box to change it. Clicking anywhere else in the text box gets the computer bonging at me. See attached picture.

Now that I’ve created a Smart Playlist with several criteria. I’d expect rant after I’ve saved and closed that playlist, clicking on it would produce the sorted subset of tracks in my Library. But the result is an empty list. I suspect the Smart Playlist isn’t seeing my library. See attached picture.

Thank you,

Hello @Champster, have you first tried with one of the two criteria? For example just with 5 stars, do you have some tracks displayed?

Ha yes. That worked great and it taught me a little more about using this very capable tool.