Starting from scratch

I have about 100 SACDs and a Windows Computer connected to a Schiit DAC. Am I in the right place? With Audirvana give me some way to RIP these SACDs and then play them back? What hardware do I need to rip the discs?



You’re in the right place to enjoy your content, but Audirvana won’t be able to help you with the ripping of the SACDs.

You’ll need to Google on info how to RIP SACDs. There was a trick with the PS3 back in the day. If you have some friends that are into this hobby, try to check with them if they can help you or know somebody who has this setup.

Seems like some people are using OPPO player

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Just send your SACD’s to these folks: SACD DSD Audio Extraction - Golden Ear Digital … Don’t waste time trying to do it yourself…

At 5 bucks a disc, the price is more than reasonable. It’s about the same as a price for an Oppo player in decent condition minus the effort.

But, when you’re finished, you have an Oppo player. I use mine as a Roon Ready end-point.

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True, I guess it depends if you still buy SACDs or not. As an endpoint, it’s certainly not the best performing and it’s also not the best SACD/DSD playback solution.

It doesn’t have to be an Oppo. I’m just making the case for buying a piece of hardware versus paying someone to rip.

Probably the best bets are Sony BD players, 390, 490, 590S. At least those are still relatively easy to find on eBay.

You could purchase an RME ADI-2 Pro. It will allow you to play the CDs through and rip them yourself as it is a DA/AD converter. Once you’re done, you can use it as your DAC. It is FAR superior to anything that Schiit has ever made or probably ever will make.

I originally sent some SACD’s to Ari at Golden Ear Digital as mentioned above, and he did a great job. But I found a way to rip them myself to DSF with a Sony BDP-S5100 that I picked up for $35. Did over 300 SACD’s flawlessly. Here is the info. Rip SACD with a Blu-ray player | Page 2 | HiFi Haven. BTW, I kept all my originals, so I hope you keep them as well and just rip them for convenience. Also you will need to do metadata correction for many of them. Have fun.

This is all about convivence, perhaps too much so. I have an Oppo BDP-83 SE so I can find an SACD any play it pretty easily. So, I really was just looking for and easy way to rip the SACDs without a complicated hack using PC Blu-Ray players I already have. I have hundreds of movies, including UHD ripped to Plex and over 700 CDs so I was just trying to get that last bit. But another player seems a bridge too far.