Still opening on favourites album

I think this behaviour has been already discussed many times in the past, but I’m pretty surprised it’s still around. When I launch AS2, the main directory isn’t my album section, isn’t where I left either, it’s my favourite album section, which is not how I browse my library, so it’s always empty. And I’m confident we’re many to not use the favourite album as our main browsing view, so in my opinion, it’d be great to either be able to set our section to display (album in my case, haha), or keep the last browsed for the next opening.

Related to this favourite section, we’re still unable to add more than 3 playlists on the left column, which makes this column nearly empty, and populated with our beloved “favourite” sections I (and I’m surely not the only one) do not use.
So, would be great to be able to add more playlists on the left column, and to remove the sections we don’t use (I use the favourite for tracks only, for example).

You should take a look at here :wink:

We are working on going you the option to move items from the lists but not to hide them.

Have you tried to dock the playlist manager like this?

Great, thanks ! Didn’t see that, I don’t know where to look for the improvements haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Launching on the playlist view is also a cool addition !

As for the docking, that takes too much space on the main view, while the left column remains empty, so it just adds a second column which is 70% empty again (I can see on your screenshot you have tons of playlists because it’s on Qobuz, as I use local library, I have around 15 playlists usually). I suppose it’s not possible to have it docked on the left column, right ?

Not it’s not possible but If a lot of people find it more intuitive, we will see what we can do about this.

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You can try letting playlist window opened always and put it like mine, it can be shorten, lenghten, squeeze for less space… even the main column can be squeeze to left :grinning:


Yes, put it back like in v3.5.
I can live with my settings for it (like in the picture), but now in beta colour palette change and now, not sexy when over grey :slight_smile:

Well with last beta, we can at least put the one we want first, can’t hide the others,
but for me, with my already playlists banner place there,
now i can stretch it to hide the not wanted seen :slight_smile:
still the colour change of background of the two doesn’t match…
this is Studio menu, so we’ll see in Origin at release date.