Strange error during library syncing

Dear all,
Looking at the error messages on Console on my MAC, I discovered some errors on some audio files that say:
Error opening the FLAC file for decoding: file=file://%2FVolumes%2FAudio2%2Frock%2F1001%20Albums%20You%20Must%20Hear%20Before%20You%20Die%20%28vol.I%29%2F0066.%20The%20Kinks%20-%20Face%20To%20Face%20%281966%29%2FThe%20Kinks%20-%20Face%20To%20Face.flac error = 4

That’s pretty strange! I tried to play the audio files in that very same directory, and it works. I don’t know what is error 4 and I did not see any clear impact on the import process.

Any clue?

File name decoded = /Volumes /Audio2 /rock /1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (vol.I ) /0066. The Kinks - Face To Face (1966 ) /The Kinks - Face To Face.flac error = 4

FYI, there is no such Flac file, only a CUE file. Is that possible that AS mixes Flac and CUE files?

does the Cue file refer to this flac file?

Good point Jakob.
Indeed, the CUE file makes reference to a FLAC file with the same name (“The Kinks - Face To Face.flac”), which does not exist. Maybe here it is an old cue file created at the time where the entire album was included into one single FLAC file.
I need to clean up that mess…

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