Stutter betweenn tracks of Qobuz playlists

When playing Qobuz playlists, there is a one second stutter between tracks. The next track starts for one second, then repeats the beginning of the song before playing selection. Any suggestions are welcome. Once song gets going, the playback is flawless. This happens between every subsequent track.

Still getting stuttering between tracks in Playlists. Tried every suggestion in forum except reducing number of buffers in audio section. That suggestion must be from a previous version as I can find no audio section to reduce buffers in. I also don’t see a menu at the t top of the screen in version 5.3.5.
I’m using a 64 bit Windows 10 rig with 32 Gig of RAM and a R.A.I.D. aray of four 500 Gig Solid State Drives with an I7 Intel processor and I am hard wired directly to my router.
I thought the problem was Qobuz but I created a smart Playlist from my drives and still, stuttering of one second between tracks. I’m connected to my 65" Samsung TV. Gonna try conecting directly to my AVR (Denon AVR X4500H) and see if problem still persists. If so, I may not survive the trial period I am in It’s a shame. The sound quality is amazing and I like the idea of install EQ Plugins. Can anyone help?

Are you connecting using HDMI? Your setup is unfortunately not ideal for audio.

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Thank you. I see what you mean. I will connect using HDMI to get better audio.

Problem solved. Connected directly to my AVR from PC as you suggested. Sound card doesn’t support bitrate/Khz but I have my eye on an Asus I like that does. Now if I can output video to my TV so people in room know what song/group is playing…