Suggestions for A+ Remote

Hello, I have these 2 suggestions for the remote app:

  1. A setting which would allow for end of song 1 to overlap beginning of song 2. So it would sounds like a mix, no silence between songs.

  2. A command button to instruct Audirvana to refresh the list.

Love the app!

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Give us repeat only 1 track in remote

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it would be nice to be able to reverse the polarity of the song via the remote

Simple request to use square album cover artwork in the remote display - where did the rounded corners come from? Both CDs and LPs have square artwork.

Hello @davidp, can you make a screenshot of what you are talking about?

Hi Damien

It’s this screen on the iPad version of Audirvana Remote.

Hello @davidp, thank you for your report, this will be fixed in a future update of the Remote.

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Audirvana Support Team