Support for Audioquest Dragonfly Black v1

Le Dragonfly black avec Audirvana sur PC marche parfaitement bien; Un plugin VST3 m’embêtait mais depuis qu’il est désactivé tout marche parfaitement bien.

@docjlt Is your DragonFly Black the first edition or a later one? One way to tell is that more recent ones work with mobile devices, which mine does not.

Bonsoir, ce n’est pas le tout 1er Black mais la dernière version commercialisée. J’ai commandé la version Cobalt pour la tester et voir si il y a une grande difference avec le mien. Cordialement

Thank you for letting me know yours is the current model. I know the current DragonFly Black has been updated since the initial release and it seems like the new ones work with Audirvana, but the old ones like mine do not. Thanks again for the information. Cheers!

I’m a new user and had the same problem so I dug into the audio settings and saw that next to “convert DSD to PCM”, “+6DB” was selected. I couldn’t change it to zero, however, until I disconnected my DAC and “MacBook Speakers” was the device name. I changed it to zero, plugged my DAC back in and It fixed the problem. Apparently +6bd is the default setting for DSD to PCM conversion.