Support for Stereo HomePods?


New here and new to Audirvana. Is there a way to use Audirvana with stereo-paired HomePods?

I’m on Mac Mojave, streaming music that I have stored locally. I have been able to get music to stream to one HomePod by changing the sound output setting for my Mac. However, that doesn’t work for a stereo set up.

is there another way?


I don’t have a very functional method of getting stereo HomePods to work with Audirvana but its been my luck that this method has worked with varying results:

Open itunes and select a song play through stereo homepods.
Stop the track.
Open Audirvana select airplay.
Your Audirvana music library should play through stereo HomePods now.

This is just work around, it isn’t a well functioning method and its rather buggy but it has worked. I am running Catalina 10.15.3, iTunes, Audirvana 3.5.33. I hope this helps.