Support for Stereo HomePods?


New here and new to Audirvana. Is there a way to use Audirvana with stereo-paired HomePods?

I’m on Mac Mojave, streaming music that I have stored locally. I have been able to get music to stream to one HomePod by changing the sound output setting for my Mac. However, that doesn’t work for a stereo set up.

is there another way?


I don’t have a very functional method of getting stereo HomePods to work with Audirvana but its been my luck that this method has worked with varying results:

Open itunes and select a song play through stereo homepods.
Stop the track.
Open Audirvana select airplay.
Your Audirvana music library should play through stereo HomePods now.

This is just work around, it isn’t a well functioning method and its rather buggy but it has worked. I am running Catalina 10.15.3, iTunes, Audirvana 3.5.33. I hope this helps.

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Mac OS 11.3 (the next Big Sur release) will finally support system-wide sound output to stereo pairs of Homepods. 11.3 public beta 4 is out now, so the release should be in a few weeks at the latest. Instead of seeing individual Homepods in the list of Airplay devices in the Sound menu icon dropdown, you will see a stereo pair if you have one. I think Audirvana will be able to send to the same list of devices.

It is now November 2023. I’m running Audirvāna Origin on macOS Ventura. I’m considering getting 2 Apple HomePods (second generation), or 2 HomePod Minis to work as a stereo pair.

Is Audirvāna currently able to support the stereo playback for these? If so, what macOS is required?

Can my music files be in any format like AIFF or FLAC?

Has anyone experienced any cut outs where the music temporarily stops?