Swinsian users

It seems that Swinsian was discontinued.

Audirvana looks perfect to replace it but we need a way to import the Swinsian playlist structure (folders and subfolders).

Is there a chance for the app have this feature?

I don’t know Swinsian, but can it export playlists to the standard *.m3u or *.m3u8 format? Those playlists can already be imported in Audirvana.

I see in the Swinsian Changelog link below that Swinsian is capable of exporting its playlists to m3u files. If you do that you can indeed import them in Audirvana already. Or do you mean something else?

Swinsian — Changelog

By the way… I Googled on Swinsian, but I can not find it is discontinued. It is still for sale on their site. If you don’t mind my asking… Where did you get that info?

Did you try to check for beta updates on Swinsian? I remember getting a couple of beta updates but never having a stable release in the last 2 years or so. (beta updates contain Dark mode as well for instance)

Beta update can be accessed by pressing Alt while hovering Check for update (maybe it is Cmd or Ctrl, I don’t remember).

I’ve had email correspondence with James Burton who is still working on Swinsian. v3 is currently in beta with a planned release hopefully later this year.

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Oh nice, thanks for the input!