Switch the Key from Mac to Windows

Hey guys,

I am happy user of Audirvana since some time on my mac.

I switched my music computer from mac to windows. I tried to use the Mac-Key for windows but it was not possible. I dont need the mac key anymore.

Is there a possibiliy for you to deactivate my mac key and switch it over to a windows key?

Thank you a lot for the time and this great software!

You’ll have to ask Damien whether he allows conversion.

Damian is not here? I tried it on Twitter some time ago on the official audirvana account, got no answer. How can I contact him?

Again, how can I contact him?

On which way can I get official support?

@gabelrocker As a customer of Audirvana 3 for Mac, you could get a preferred price on the purchase of Audirvana for Windows.

To get the preferred price of Audirvana for Windows 10, you need to go to https://audirvana.com/cross-licence-windows/ and enter :

  • your last name,
  • your email address used for the purchase of Audirvana 3 for Mac
  • your order number of Audirvana 3 (if you need you order number, I can send it to you by PM)