Sync on MacBook too slow

Hi. Just thought I should comment and not just walk away. I cannot use Audirvana Studio on my MacBook any more so I need to give up on it. When I launch AS the message “Start Syncing volume/music-1” appears at the top - and stays for at least 15 minutes before syncing starts. This time it has not started at all. All this time I need to keep my MacBook awake, because if it goes to sleep at all the path to my music on my NAS shows as “offline” and will not come back online. I then need to quit Auidirvana and start all over again. This was just a relaunch without any library changes. Earlier today I deleted the database and started over to see if that was the issue and it has taken half the day to scan all my music, and it is 11 albums short - I don’t know where they disappeared to but it definitely stopped syncing.

You mean by that you do not see your NAS in Finder again when you wake your MacBook up?

Hi Antoine. My goodness - is that what the issue is? I didn’t think of that! It wasn’t what I meant but I wonder if that is the issue. I will check the connectivity of the MacBook to the NAS on wake up or Audirvana launch and see how sync is affected. Most of the time at the moment Audirvana is just hanging on “Starting Sync” forever. It will certainly need to improve to be usable.

Edit: Sadly that was not the solution. I checked this time before I launched AS that the NAS was mounted and accessible on my MacBook, and I waited for about 15 minutes but still AS was stuck on “Starting sync” and would proceed no further.

Hi @Northernlights,

Can you send us a mail at so we can give you a special version with logs in it?

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