Sync speed is extremely slow

I’m having a great deal of trouble with Audirvana’s sync process. I’ve set my preferences for syncing to be done manually, but it still starts up automatically every time I start the program, and it takes 20 minutes to complete the syncing. I’m not exaggerating; it really is 20 minutes.

During this time, it is using 90-99 percent of my 2016 MacBook Pro’s CPU. The whole system is essentially useless for 20 minutes. And it does this even if there have been no new songs added to my iTunes library.

I have a large library, but shouldn’t Audirvana be able to handle that? I can’t find anything in the preferences or instructions that seem to solve this problem. Can anyone help me?

There is a button “sync at start up” in the preferences menu (right below the 1st sync method), have you checked if it is on or off ?

Thanks, Alain. That button is off.