Synching of large collections

Hi Damien
I am really pleased with the way in which the Windows version is coming along. However there is one aspect in which it is lagging way behind the Mac version and that is in synching large collections of music (approx 90000 tracks). It really is very slow.
Any enhancements to synching would be most welcome.
Kind regards

From the first version I have the same problem. Very very slow. I use a mechanical disk for my data. The system disk is also mechanical but it has no data.

This is a large library, but not the largest I know working well. FYI, I’ve worked on navigation performance with a 460k tracks library.

Now, where do you see it being slow?
Only in the sync process? Or also when navigating inside the library?
If only in the sync process, can you try to defragment your HDD that contains your music files?