Synchronising maps

This is the second time that i am in the board for a (still known) problem and in my opinion the problemis still there.
The synchronizing of Audirvana with maps and submaps is still very, very bad handled.
when synchronizing several directories from a external harddrive there are maps where only 1 file is presented in the library, there are maps where 3 items are presented or there are maps where there a no items presented at all or the whole map is not presented in the library at all. But the map is still in the overall directory on the external drive. Audirvana just doesnt such maps at all so a lot of music is lost in the library.
Sometimes you can acces the library and changes the metedata but most times you cannot changes them.
The meaning (from Audirvana) that it is only a metadata problem can not be true.
I have a public free program that does the job with easyness and presentes everything there is in the overall directorie, the maps, submaps and so on. And this is a public free programm !!!
I expect a much greater improvement from Audirvana to handle this sort of problems

It is that the sound quality of audirvana is better, otherwise i was already changed (got back) to the public program

I don’t know i I have the answer to your problem.
One thing that can cause trouble is the user rights used for the directory and the folders and files inside it. If you are just allowed to read files but not to write/change you won’t be able to change metadata. If you rare using an external harddrive you can tell your computer to not use ownership for your hard drive. Otherwise you can point out the folders containing the music files and set the correct user rights. You have to instruct your folder to use the same rights for all including objects. All operations are done in Finder. Just point at a folder and and look for information about the object. In the bottom of the window you will be able to change user rights for the object.
// Dynamitharry
When reading your question I’m reading your word “map” as folder.

Thanks Dynanitharry
I go and try that for changing the metadata

Indeed with map i mean folder or subfolders

Hello Dynamitharry
With and in finder i can change what i want in the folders but once the folder are read in Audirvana i can’t change or edit the foldername or artistname anymore
A pity that only by such bad edit possibilities and bad inreading of folders in Audirvana i overthink to stop using Audirvana
The only thing that i am still using it is the good sound quality

To bad it doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to replicate your problems on my computer by adding music to the library from a network server and a separate hard drive but here it just works. Theres something strange going on.
To find out what:

  • You can try to resync folders choosed in Audirvanas library preferences.
    -You can delete all folders in the library preferences an add them again. Don’t take them all in a chunk, add folders with not so many titles in. Control for each step where the problem starts to show up.
  • When I’m experimenting with various issues on my computer i often create a new user account or use an previous dummy user. A user account can be corrupt in some way and so the Audirvana database file. When starting from scratch Audirvana builds a new data base file. This can help you find out wether your problems are to be found i Audirvana, computer setup or Finder.

One thing that puzzle me is when you write that you cannot change names of folders within Audirvana. I never done that and i don’t know how. The only way I change names on folders are in Finder. If a folders name containing your music tracks is changed in Finder Audirvana is not going to find the music until you choose it with its new name in the library preferences.

It’s very handy to perform these tests with an separate user account. Nothing will be destroyed while testing different operations. You can try to add album by album within there separate folders to find out which of them that shows up in Audirvana.

Finally if music files are corrupt or in wrong format Audirvana won’t recognize them. A help here is to mark the different filetypes one by one and in the info dialog and tell Finder to open all document with this file type in Audirvana. By doing so you can double-click on a single music file (track) and start Audirvana or if Audirvana is already running just start to play it. If the track for some reason is corrupt Audirvana vill tell you. Especially SSD’s are known to easily be corrupt when not used regulary.

I hope you will sort out your problems and wish You good luck. //Dynamitharry