System Optimizer settings and prompt

Hey, everybody,

This is my second post (I’m still a “newbie” to Audirvana).

In my Preferences, I have the SysOptim set to “OFF”.

SysOptim Settings
And yet, every time I start listening to my music, I get this prompt for installing System Optimizer.

SysOptim Prompt
Is it mandatory to have SysOptim installed and “ON”? Why? What if I don’t want to install it?

it is better for sound…extreme is better then standard… and the 3 others at on is better also.
install it when ask, then if you don’t want it after, turn it off in the preferences.

Thanks. But what if I don’t want to install any surplus software on my computer? Can Audirvana function without SysOptim installed?

I was under the impression that the sound quality depends on my DAC, not on software that just plays the role of a “middle-man”. Besides, from the description, it seems that SysOptim is there just to prevent unwanted system events from interfering with the flow of the sound. Am I wrong about that?

You are right.

SysOpt It is not like installing Photoshop, folders everywhere on your computer…
it just places preferences in main library in your computer, weight nothing…

Better sound comes from everywhere in the chain… less running better sound.
As said, you can just turning it off after.

Sure, it weights almost nothing. But what about introducing security risks unnecessarily? I tend to enable on my computer only the functionality/settings that are absolutely required for the software to work in an unimpeded manner.

man… stay with that window everytime you open it…
it is like wanting to not install some brushes in photoshop because you will not use them…
no security risk, it is the same software you installed to play your music… it comes with it…

Thank you, @RunHomeSlow. Does anyone else have some input for me in this matter?

I see two logical solutions to this issue on the app level:

  1. Remove SysOptim enabling/disabling setting from Preferences and install SysOptim by default;
  2. Stop pushing a prompt to install SysOptim, if it is disabled in Preferences.

@Damien3 – what is your opinion?

Sorry to come back, i see you don’t want my opinion, but i couldn’t resist…

2 . it can’t be disable in the prefs if it was not install at first…

1 . that is exactly what you don’t want in softwares… you want to know what they do!!
Audirvana is transparent and let you know.

Audirvana wants to give you the maximum quality in sound you look for… you have to finish the installation… it is done when you play your first song… then you can stop it after in the preferences if you want… same for upsampling your songs, that makes them not bitperfect… you don’t want that feature, turn it off, you don’t need plugins, don’t use them, but for people who want to tweak their sound, they can… that is software compare to hardware (your DAC)…

ok i go.

It’s not that I don’t want your opinion. You’ve already gave me one, haven’t you?

I just wonder if there are other opinions among forum users. I would seriously doubt there are none.

I appreciate your input, RHS. I am certain that in the future I will welcome your comments on any other topics I may post.

I do not understand what is your issue. I have not enabled sysoptimizer and I am NOT getting any prompts.

Maybe you just need to move slider to “off”? Of course you cannot have it “on” without installing it? Or there may be an issue with saving preferences fro Audirvana?

On the other hand, if there are no particular issues with the system, optimization is most likely not necessary. Most of the “sounds better” claims (with certain exceptions of course) is a result of snake oil in action.

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Hi, @ron_13,

Thanks for your reply. Here are my SysOptim settings:

It looks to me that your setting is “ON” and mine is “OFF”. Am I right or wrong? Audirvana’s interface is so unintuitive that it is hard to tell just by looking at the slide-switch which way is it supposed to work.

BTW, I agree with you about “sounds better” claims.

No, you were right. The switch should be moved the other way. I set it the way you have it and now I don’t get the prompt to install SysOptim. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I still think that the interface is a minor disaster, though.

Hmm… Show me an on/off switch anywhere, whether in software or hardware, that the ON is on the left, and OFF is on the right. No? So, I would argue that, in this case, Audirvana is intuitive.

Hello @Johnnystar, it’s not the case with Audirvana, On is with the slider on the right and Off is with the slider on the left as it is on your smartphone.

Hey, @Damien3, @Johnnystar,

The whole left/right thing is very ambivalent. Wouldn’t it be most helpful if the switch showed, for example, green color for ON and red for OFF, or had actual words that say ON or OFF, or had “+” for ON and “–” for OFF?

The interface should be designed for maximum accessibility for all people from all countries/cultures and all variants of visual impairments.

Just my two cents here, there is a contrast change on the switch when it’s on. It’s obvious, and even more on the dark theme. I never felt confused about it.