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Happy new year to everyone!

It would be nice if one had access to audio settings on the iPad remote control. For example, I have my Mac Mini upstairs in my office that runs some room EQ with Fab Pro Q3. To test filter settings, I need to go upstairs to change the settings. It would be really nice if one had access to these audio settings on the remote control to enable rapid filter (and other settings for that matter) optimization.

Hello @Sailor, do you mean access to vst3 or AU plugin in the Remote or the settings of your DAC?

Hello Damien, thanks for your reply.

I am trying to do room EQ with FabFilter Pro Q 3. In the Preferences setting, there’s the ‘Audio Settings …’ tab that allows to set various Plug Ins, such as FabFilter Pro Q 3. I selected this one and set the filters according to REW’s suggestions (see attached screenshots).

Now it would be nice if those settings could be changed in the remote app running on my iPad. This can be done in Roon, but I so much more prefer Audirvana with regards to sound quality.

It’s not a big issue, but rather than running to my MacMini upstairs, it would be nice if these settings could be changed in the remote app. If it can’t be done, no problem whatsoever.

Or, as an intermediate solution, use teamviewer to access your mac from your Ipad to change settings.

Good idea, haven‘ thought of team viewer. Thanks for the tip!

Team viewer is indeed a good idea. For the AU and VST3 plugins in the Remote it won’t be possible since we are using the music professional industry standard that allow every one to do their own change in Audirvana. This choice to have the best plugins possible can’t be compatible whit this implementation.

Thanks, Damien, for your reply. Team viewer suits my purpose perfectly fine! At this point I’d like to point out that Audirvana 3.5 produces fantastic sound! Great work!

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