Tidal 3 Month Subscription

Hi - I just joined TIDAL from the Audirvana application and I saw the voucher for three months trial - however when I look at the new TIDAL account I created the trial is only for one month. I wonder did I do something wrong or is the trail only for one month in reality. I have just purchased Audirvana and subscribed to the HiFi package in TIDAL. Thank you. (Canada)

Hello, I got 4 months for £4. It was on the offer website I followed a link. UK

It doesn’t give me a date in the app, just ‘hifi’ subscription’

Where do you see the date?


Login into Tidal directly with the browser.

Yes - I got a message from Audirvana with my original offer code - very helpful. I contacted TIDAL and again very helpful. To see the date and details of your subscription you need to log in on your browser - the app does not show enough information.