Tidal 90 day trial problem?

Thought I would try Tidal HI-Fi so got the voucher entered all the details on the Tidal login page but cannot login. Keep getting the error message " Wrong user name, Password ". Now here’s the rub, Did try their Lossy streaming service some time ago but decided not to commit and cancelled so wondering whether this may be the source of the sign up problem!. Just wondering whether as I have a Hiresaudio account may be better with them. If anyone is using the Hiresaudio streaming account what are your thoughts?. Thanks.

I have had the same problem, did not get the voucher, subscribed and received only 30 days.

I am a little disappointed, the voucher should work as advertised.

That is not good to hear. I am trialing this software and a big appeal is the three month tidal Hi-Fi free 3 months. I’d be very annoyed if after licence the Tidal offer was not as specified.

Solved for me, I had to create a new tidal account,. maybe existing users are not eligible.