Tidal bitrate no 192khz in Audirvana

I play a track from Tidal with 192khz but it comes with only 96khz.

See it on Picture

Thank you for answers in advance

Hi @Borussia1

Have you checked your DAC settings from within Audirvana, just to ensure the sample rate isn’t being throttled?

Hallo, yes it is with “No limit”

Have you tried WASAPI/ASIO?
I think a few on here have had trouble with KS, at least since the latest release.

Which DAC do you have. Is it MQA capable?

It is the Receiver Denon AVC X4700H
It is i think not MQA capable

Yes I Have tried WASAPI/ASIO, it dont work …

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Then it’s normal that you get up to 24/96KHz. To go beyond that resolution you need an MQA capable device.