Tidal Connect feature

I wish the AS app had support for this feature:

Interesting suggestion. Do you think Audirvana is better at browsing Tidal content than the Tidal app?

This could be a solution for Bluesound customers to be able to stream Tidal content to Bluesound streamers.

I think it sounds more ‘honest’
I have a streamer (+ DAC/Transport) with Tidal Connect option and I would like to use AS to send a music files to my streamer via Tidal Connect

yes i can use native Tidal app which has Tidal Connect feature but AS app is more convenient for me

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Audirvāna do not need Tidal Connect since we have UPnP implementation in the app. Basically Tidal Connect is wroking like Spotify Connect, you can use it but you are not obliged at all to use it.

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