Tidal content not showing for certain artists

I’ve noticed when I’m viewing certain bands/artists in my local library, it doesn’t also show the available content from Tidal for that artist. I can’t see why this would be.
Any advice out there about this?

Here’s one example. I notice that that the heading band name is The Smashing Pumpkins where as on Tidal they are referred to as Smashing Pumpkins. I have made sure that every track and album has had the band name changed to “Smashing Pumpkins” and I’ve renamed artist name and sort as to “Smashing Pumpkins” but the header is still The Smashing Pumpkins. Could this be a cause and, if so, how do you change the main band name as what I’ve done so far doesn’t work.

Anyone? @Antoine @Damien

Thanks for sorting this guys :slightly_smiling_face: @Antoine @Damien