Tidal new update MAX QUALITY

Tidal update came out and now there is no mqa, can you remove it? and put max setting like this in tidal app

Hi @GucciBoss,

At the time we speak, Tidal didn’t gave us the information of the MAX setting in their API. I will ask them when they have an ETA for it since now it’s live on their app.

Note that MQA is still available, it’s just they pull the FLAC version first on their app now instead of the MQA one.


thanks for the quick answer bro, I never liked mqa and I hope I will stop seeing it in my application, or you can selectively make two options for people who want to get mqa, and who don’t need it, they will stop seeing tracks and albums in mqa


As probably most of you know, Tidal has been streaming HIRES FLAC files since the beginning of this month, August. However, when I stream via Audivarna (Legacy 3.5 macOS) I still can’t find a single HIRES FLAC, only MQA and normal CD FLAC.

What’s going on? Why is this happening?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Morato,

See the response of this thread :wink:

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Thanks for the support. It seems like Tidal is taking their time to support their third part partners. Hopefully it won’t take much longer.

Maybe Tidal is trying to make us use its native application more often and longer?
But for what purpose ?

Isn’t it so simple that the (by far) majority of users use the native apps? So it makes sense that all resources go there.


Can someone tell me why MQA is lit on my dac when I play 24 - 96 hi-res flack on Audirvana and when I play from Tidal MQA is not lit?

Any news on the ETA?

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i think no

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No news from Tidal about an ETA for this but I think it will be around late 2023, early 2024 since they are working on the implementation for Tidal Connect, Sonos and Chromecast:

Which devices can play HiRes FLAC available?
Currently, HiRes FLAC is only available streaming directly from iOS, Android, Desktop or Web. TIDAL Connect, Sonos, and Chromecast support are coming later in 2023.


we are all really looking forward to it! =)